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  • Medisoft ANSI5010/ICD-10 projects are on the way. Delta Express Medical Billing will be ready for all these changes.

Doctors Medical Billing Boston Massachusetts

Choose Us to :

  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Income
  • Decrease Expenses

Our team at Delta Express Medical Billing Inc. understands that doctors medical billing Boston can be just as important as treating patients in any medical practice. Up until a few years ago, medical billing Boston lacked proper software to keep doctors up to date with what was happening in their practice’s billing and collections. Now, with advances in technology/software and the internet, by using doctors medical billing Boston, you can help your practice by opting to work with Delta Express Medical Billing.

At Delta Express Medical Billing, we strive to work with doctors who understand that by outsourcing their medical billing and collections they may potentially lose some of their billing control, but recognize that their billing is safe with a company like Delta Express Medical Billing. We, doctors medical billing Boston, recognize that although it may be nerve-racking for doctors to choose a medical billing company, it is an important business decision that you will have to make.

The way we at Delta Express Medical Billing work is by constantly keeping doctors informed as to where their bills are and how much we are collecting. We customize reports for you to review when you have the time. We even urge doctors to call into the office for status updates at any time during the day. By working with us, a medical practice can stop worrying about the status of their doctors medical billing Massachusetts claims and start concentrating on their patients instead.

Delta Express Medical Billing has changed the way doctors view outsourcing medical billing. We guarantee your satisfaction because we have state of the art technology and software in doctors medical billing Massachusetts that will help you always know which claims are being processed and how much of each claim was actually collected.

Delta Express Medical Billing, Inc. understands that you need communication and how vital it is for you to:

  • Make sure your claims are filed in a timely manner
  • See your patient's account info in real-time
  • Receive reports with your patients billing and collection history
  • Cut expenses by not having to purchase software and hire medical billers

Delta Express Medical Billing has expertise in the medical billing and collections industry and has been in business since the 1990’s. We provide the best doctors medical billing services in Boston, Massachusetts. We can state this boldly because we understand the business to the point where we can process claims to receive the maximum reimbursement possible while reducing denied claims. We offer the complete package for doctors medical billing Massachusetts and are always looking to help practices increase their revenue and decrease expenses.

Call us at 844.524.5546 or Email at for more information on our medical billing services or Inquires/Support details.