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  • Medisoft ANSI5010/ICD-10 projects are on the way. Delta Express Medical Billing will be ready for all these changes.

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Is your practice currently experiencing an increase in denied claims? Do you collect less than what you actually bill out? Do you spend time on billing and collections instead of spending time on patients?

Doctors billing boston and Delta Express Medical Billing help alleviate the problems mentioned above by understanding code and maintaining a relationship with insurance companies. We will increase your reimbursements and decrease your medical billing costs. We treat every practice as if it were our own because we recognize that in today’s world, it can be hard for medical practices to survive.

We at Delta Express Medical Billing, doctors billing boston, help you save money. By allowing us to take over your claims processing and collections, you will not need to delegate any office space for medical billing, decreasing overhead. We, doctors billing boston, will help you understand your reimbursements and expenses.

The doctors billing boston team at Delta Express Medical Billing has in-depth knowledge of the billing and collections industry. We have been serving some of our clients since the 1990’s. We’ve dealt with doctors billing boston and medical practitioners and will increase your practice’s reimbursements significantly

Opting doctors billing massachusetts by Delta Express Medical Billing will unquestionably grant you the following benefits:

  • Better payment and collections updates
  • Increased billing reliability
  • Rigid quality control standards
  • Decreased expenses

Although the benefits of outsourcing billing and collections to a professional team may not be obvious, all medical practices should consider consulting with a billing and collections company to see what they offer. Instead of spending numerous hours daily managing and dealing with insurance claims, you can use those hours to see and treat new patients, and as a result bring in more revenue.

Delta Express Medical Billing is one of the most qualified doctors billing massachusetts companies in the boston, massachusetts area. With us as your doctors billing massachusetts consultant, you will cut down on overhead costs, guaranteed. Make a decision to outsource medical billing services today and give your practice a competitive edge by choosing Delta Express Medical Billing.

Call us at 781.929.7070 or Email at Info@DeltaMedicalBilling.com for more information on our medical billing services or Inquires/Support details.