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  • Delta Express Medical Billing is currently accepting new Chiropractic and Physical Therapy offices. Please call us for more information.
  • Medisoft ANSI5010/ICD-10 projects are on the way. Delta Express Medical Billing will be ready for all these changes.

Chiropractic Medical Billing Boston Massachusetts

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When you are thinking about outsourcing chiropractic medical billing services, you may doubt the services you will receive. But this time you will not need to worry because Delta Express Medical Billing is the right company to outsource your chiropractic medical billing massachusetts.

We are the right choice for chiropractic medical billing massachusetts. You will have a boost in revenue and your profits will increase because we are determined to collect every single dollar billed for you. Not only will this get the weight of medical billing and collections off your mind, but it will also help generate more revenue by having proper claim processing in place. By reduction of down-time and declined claims, you will be netting a higher income and running a more efficient practice.

By using chiropractic medical billing massachusetts and having us help your practice, you will not have to deal with the billing and collections problems of the Medical Billing Industry. Instead, you will be able to delegate all your time on the well-being of your patients.

Chiropractic medical billing boston realizes that the billing services you need can be viewed as a direct extension of your office. We understand that when patients call your office, they don’t want to be forced to answer telephone prompts; instead, they want a live receptionist answering their phone calls. This is exactly how we operate at Delta Express Medical Billing.

We, Delta Express Medical Billing, chiropractic medical billing boston massachusetts guarantee that you will be well informed in regards to understanding your patients and their billing. Having accounts handled correctly as well as having all questions clarified, will make your workplace more organized and efficient.

For the cost of training one full-time billing employee, maintaining software, and paying the specialist, chiropractic medical billing boston and Delta Express Medical Billing can present you with a devoted professional account manager who'll work and answer any concerns that arise.

Chiropractic medical billing in boston massachusetts provides your patients with a reliable resource for questions regarding their benefits, bills, insurance deductibles, and payment options; without needing to call a phone center and talk to different representatives each time.

Call us at 781.929.7070 or Email at for more information on our medical billing services or Inquires/Support details.